Our Story

From left to right – Joan, Stephen & Lynda Smith – 2 generations of a family run business.

Furniture has been our passion for over 100 years, through 3 generations of our family. We have been supplying high quality furniture in Beckenham for 25 years, and before in Putney and Fulham.

Joan Smith – Beckenham Reproduction Furniture.

The Beckenham Reproduction Furniture showroom has been a furniture shop since 1900 and was previously run by our friends the Northam family (and was hence called Northams & John Northams respectively – as displayed on the following pictures).

Indeed the premises has a long and interesting history, having once featured entrance doors salvaged from the ruins of the nearby Crystal Palace, and to this day still bears the scars of enemy aircraft fire during World War two.

In memory of
Raymond Smith,
well known and loved by
the Beckenham community . Owner of Beckenham Reproduction Furniture between 1986 & 2005.